How to Introduce The Qur'an for Children

The way to introducing children to the world of Islam is easy and sometimes hard, be easy if you know how and quite difficult if the parents do not know what steps should be used. before introducing Islam to children, first of all, parents need to further explore the knowledge of his Islam and more intensified in practice of worship.

in the case of introducing the Quran to the children, as I said above, should parents often reading the Quran, but not digitally, use the own sound good and correctly in accordance with the recitation way, makhraj and other Qur'anic sciences you have learned before. and then use digital tools to make children more interested.

keep in mind, the child favorite's to cute and funny cartoon usually very large. so, this is where we begin to enter into the world of children and introduce more profound Quran. I will share video cartoon with Islamic characters Rayyan and sofia that you can directly download here. hopefully with the introduction of children to what they would like more make them to love the Qur'an. (to collect the video, see CaraMemperkenalkan Alquran Kepada Anak )

I hope what I share is useful to all.
yours respectfully

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